Virtual AGM

Hold Your Virtual Annual General Meeting

Due to the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic globally, the Ministry of Corporate Affairs has issued Circular No. 14/2020 dated April 8, 2020, Circular No.17/2020 dated April 13, 2020, Circular No. 20/2020 dated May 05, 2020, Circular No. 22/2020 dated June 15, 2020, Circular No. 02/2021 dated January 13, 2021, Circular No 19/2021 dated December 8, 2021, Circular No 21/2021 dated December 14, 2021 and Circular No. 02/2022 dated May 5, 2022 prescribing guidelines for conducting General Meeting virtually.

We are providing following services for conducting Virtual Annual General Meeting required to be held for Financial Year 2019-20.

  1. Hosting and Managing the virtual AGM and e-voting through CDSL/NSDL
  2. Hosting and Managing the virtual AGM without e-voting.
  3. Providing technical support to board of directors, auditors etc. in going live for attending AGM.
  4. Providing virtual technical support to attendees for attending AGM.
  5. Arranging video cameras and setup for live telecast.
  6. Managing all legal compliances for holding virtual AGM.

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Sr. No. Description of Services offered
1. The Virtual meeting shall be hosted on a secured cloud-based setup.
2. Upto 1000 members can log in and attend the meeting.
3. Users will be able to log in the portal from anywhere over the internet through their desktop/laptop/smartphones with a stable internet connection by clicking on the link.
4. Members may post their questions or queries in the chatbox during the meeting or also in advance on the designated email id of the company.
5. The queries or questions received in advance or during the meeting may be answered by the discretion of the Chairman.
6. The video conferencing proceeding of the meeting will be recorded.
7. Attendance report would be provided to the company as per the details of the members who will join the meeting.
8. Technical assistance may be provided through dedicated mail id and contact number to shareholders.
9. Generation of transcript of the meeting.
General Meeting through Video Conference (If E-Voting facility is required)
10. E-Voting facility will be provided with the coordination of CDSL/NSDL.
11. The link will be generated for shareholders, directors, auditors and the same will be available on the E-Voting window of CDSL/NSDL.
General Meeting through Video Conference (If E-Voting facility is not required)
12. Separate Login will be created for each Member on the basis of their email ID for attending.
13. Members will log in on the portal with their email ID and the OTP that they will receive on their email ID for attending the Virtual AGM.
14. A link will be displayed after logging in and the Members will be able to attend the virtual meeting by clicking on the link.