Virtual Office & Task Management System

We provide a unique dashboard for managing your office virtually and keeping track of each task performed by your team members even from their home.


Compliance Traker

Our portal comes with an inbuilt compliance tracker which automatically tracks and enumerates the applicable compliances of respective clients on the basis of certain inputs.


MCA Transaction Tracker

Associate your MCA login credentials on the portal and our system will assist you in tracking the status of MCA transactions made with each MCA login.


DSC Management

A DSC management tool is integrated in the portal which assists in managing the availability and physical storage location of Digital Signature tokens of client in office. It also provides reminder for DSC expiry dates.


Documents Creator

Upgrade to a better version of preparing documents through artificial intelligence instead of preparing them manually. Provide certain inputs and generate various documents with the help of our portal and eliminate the risk of clerical/typographical error and repetition of task.


And More…

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Our Corporate Compliance Manager is developed for assisting the professionals to perform the compliance of respective corporate clients in an effortless and efficient manner.


We provide an Office Task Management system equipped with various features for enhancing your practice and managing your office virtually anytime from anywhere.


Multi User Dashboard with Role-based access. The portal comes with pre-defined roles as Administrator, Mangers, Article and Support Staff. Secured access is authenticated with the help of encrypted User Ids and Passwords.


Our dashboard provides a linked client portal for updating the clients and sharing necessary documents and information with them on real-time basis.


Automated importing and saving of the Master data of clients and directors on the basis of CIN and DIN respectively.


Our portal is entirely cloud based and can be accessed 24*7 from anywhere over the internet. It facilitates the professionals to manage their clients and team members virtually.

Benefits of Using ComplyRelax

Cloud Based Platform

Operate and manage your office and task activities virtually over the internet from anywhere anytime.

Task Activity Timeline

Keep track of all task activities of your team members and analyze their performance.

Event Tracker and Manager

Manage all your events and due date and reduce the risk of heavy penalties or late fees due to on compliances.

Invoice and Payment Management

Supervise your receipts and payments. Log billable hours and tasks of your clients an and charge them accordingly.

Communicating with client

Integration of email for sending reminders and tracking communications with your clients.

Digital Signature Management

Manage Storage and Expiry dates of Digital Signature Certificates.

Eliminate Clerical Errors

Generate documents with the assistance of artificial intelligence and mitigate duplicity and clerical errors.

Documents Repository

Go paperless and store all your documents on the software database.

Subscription PlansAvail 50% Discount


*INR: 12,000
For Two Financial Year
  • INR: 6,000
  • No. of Clients: 25
  • No. of Users: 5
  • Storage in GB : 5


*INR: 20,000
For Two Financial Year
  • INR: 10,000
  • No. of Clients: 50
  • No. of Users: 10
  • Storage in GB : 10


*INR: 36,000
For Two Financial Year
  • INR: 18,000
  • No. of Clients: 100
  • No. of Users: 15
  • Storage in GB : 20


*INR: 60,000
For Two Financial Year
  • INR: 30,000
  • Unlimited Clients
  • No. of Users: 20
  • Storage in GB : 30

*Financial Year 2019-20 & 2020-21.                                                                Prices are inclusive of all Taxes.                                              For Customize plan Contact Us.



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